Utilise It

The Utilise It system allows hirers to organise events such as TV productions, weddings, parties and festivals.

Hirers can build lists of things they are looking for from props to locations. A matching system built into the system finds suppliers that can provide what they are looking for in the area they are in and for the dates they require them for

The site itself is white labelled, so each company has there very own theme, images and a sophisticated CMS allows every part of the system to use the wording relevant to that industry and company. website website

A "wizard" monitors the state of every interaction in the system and prompts users to complete the next step, making the difficult task of managing hundreds of enquires far simpler.

Every step of the process has been optimised for speed and simplicity, whilst having the option to dig deeper and configure every aspect of event organising.

Social networking features such as in site chat, notifications, alerts and email notifications ensure everyone is kept up to date at all times.

An elegant solution was found to allow hirers to find an item from a list of hundreds of categories, without having to wade through menus and long lists to do so. It is possible to build lists of hundreds of items within minutes and bulk update actions speed up the process further by allowing a one click process to request quotes from thousands of suppliers at once.

Plans for future development are already in place, making this not only one of the biggest projects I have delivered but also one of the most exciting.

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