Sussex Film Office

Sussex Film Office already had a website, built in wordpress.

Over time the content had become cluttered and multiple plugins and themes had been installed.

As a result the site was difficult to manage and pages were taking over 30 seconds to load, having a serious impact for visitors to the website.

sussex film office homepage

sussex film office cms

In order to address these problems, a bespoke CMS was written to manage the content on the site and instead of relying on the concept of posts, as wordpress does, the new CMS has sections for managing features that are specific to Sussex Film Office.

The development of the CMS took just two days. A further day was required to move the content and images over.

Once the new site was in place, now it was a bespoke system additional features could be developed to integrate this website to the client's main application, allowing real time searching of the database and providing links into the application to allow easier transition for website visitors to become registered users on the application.

As this business grows, development work continues and the application provides a fully integrated solution for film makers as well as filming location owners, cast, crew and other industry suppliers.

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