GWP Video

GWP has been producing high quality Railway films for many years and has continued to keep up to date with the latest in developments in filming and editing.

Graham already had an eCommerce site, but it was showing its age and had several problems that needed to be fixed.

We started from scratch on a new eCommerce site. The new site was built on a staging server, so that Graham was able to see how things were progressing.

I was provided with the paper catalogue of all the films GWP had produced over the years and using that, the existing site, and content from the film covers was able to completely populate the site content and all of the products.

Many of the catalogues trailers were available on Vimeo, so those were embedded into the product descriptions.

We collated reviews and comments from happy customers and added them to the relevant titles.

The passion and enthusiasm for what he does is endless, making it a genuine pleasure to work for Graham. And with new titles released regularly, there is always something to add or changes to be made.

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