About Page Refresh

Page Refresh is a web development company, dedicated to helping small businesses and sole traders have an online presence that looks professional and delivers results.

I'm Richard Holloway, a web developer based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex and over the last ten years I have worked for web agencies and built websites and applications for local businesses.

Page Refresh focuses on simplicity, and on making sure we cover all aspects of providing and managing a website.

  • Registering domain names
  • Providing hosting, and SSL certificates
  • Providing email addresses and mailboxes
  • Learning about your business and what you need from your website
  • Taking your branding and ideas to create a design or working with you to make something new
  • Developing the site that meets your needs, whether that is a static brochure site, a content management system, a blog, booking system, forum, ecommerce shop, price comparison site...
  • Helping you with preparing images and content
  • Checking quality and completeness of the site and content
  • Focusing on efficiency and fast page load times
  • Providing backups

In addition, I can provide ongoing advice on improvements to the site, meaning you can start small and build on that foundation over time.

As a developer, I also build systems that go beyond a website. Examples include an online repairs booking system for a local PC Support company, a survey builder that allows a "mystery shopper" company to build surveys to be carried out and the reports to be run. An asset tracking system for a school's IT department and a price comparison site for a lead generation site.

I have worked on projects of all sizes, from single page brochure sites, to working in a large development department to build a large social networking site

I am committed to helping local businesses get online, and providing ongoing support, so if you are thinking of getting a website, or need bespoke development work please do get in touch.

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