Websites for local businesses

I build websites for local businesses in and around Hampshire

From bed and breakfasts to photographers. From builders to cabinet makers.

GWP Productions

Websites that sell

When you rely on sales, it is important that your online shop looks the part.

GWP Video

Hosting and eCommerce install

Moving hosting into your name and installing widely supported eCommerce software, you will have complete ownership and control of the website and who works on it.

Products and content migration

Product migration from the old site and adding videos, images, reviews and content from paper catalogue. Then seeking customer feedback, making further usability improvements based on the comments.

And behind the scenes

Reviewing sales and analytics reports, updating content, monitoring and providing backups. There is a lot more going on than you see in the browser.

Websites people want

You have your own business, you are the boss, you make the decisions.


I'm here to help and provide advice. I wont railroad you into paying for something because I want to build it.

"I wanted my website like my business card, just a way for people to contact me"

CJ Holloway

Get in touch

I'm available for hire to work on your website or development project. Please get in touch with your ideas, arrange a meeting, or just to ask a question.

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My name is Richard Holloway and I have been doing this sort of thing for almost ten years. I pride myself on reliability and getting stuff done.

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